Welcome to the Couch Potato Entrepreneur, the site with unique start-up ideas for varying budgets and entrepreneurs of different skill and motivation levels, as well as different amounts of available time to run a new business.

Why the Couch Potato Entrepreneur Website Exists

Starting a business is exciting, but it can also be intimidating, even scary.

As an entrepreneur, you’re taking the risk that your business idea will be as exciting to potential customers as it is to you.

The site is pretty new, but here’s the plan for it… (sorry that ad pops up right in the middle of this – I’m not sure how to relocate it.)

The Couch Potato Entrepreneur is here to help you find the facts and ideas you need, so you can start your own business and get it going without giving up your “day job” before you’re ready.

Check Back Often for Entrepreneurship Info

The site will be under construction for a while, and even when it’s set up, business is an evolving thing, so new information will be added regularly.

Stop back to find information about starting and running a business to help you make the best of becoming an entrepreneur, or sign up for The Couch Potato Entrepreneur newsletter and the latest info will be emailed right to you.

Ask Away to Learn About Becoming an Entrepreneur

Questions about entrepreneurship are welcome, so jump right in and ask if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

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